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Europe’s Newest Golden Visa Launches in Just a Few Weeks

Europe’s Newest Golden Visa Launches in Just a Few Weeks

Starting with a minimum investment of €250,000, Hungary’s real-estate focused Golden Visa is set to launch at the beginning of the new year, offering investors a new path to residence in the heart of Europe.

A first in Europe, the Guest Investor Visa will offer a 10-year residence permit without the requirement to be physically present in Hungary. Furthermore, investors will only have to make their qualifying investment once they have received their residency approval.

Investors and their families will also benefit from one of the fastest processing times in the industry, obtaining their ID cards within a short period of 6-8 weeks.

The following options will qualify investors for the program:

• Invest €250,000 in real estate investment funds;
• Invest €500,000 in the acquisition of real estate;
• Donate €1 million to an institute of higher learning.

“Since 2013, Arton Capital has served as an accredited broker for earlier versions of Hungary’s investment-based residency programs. Boasting a flawless 100% success rate in application processing, along with a proven history of investors reclaiming their initial investments in government bonds, Arton remains dedicated to empowering its clients as the country unveils its latest program, facilitating their journey towards a brighter future,” shares Armand Arton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Arton Capital.

Amidst the escalating uncertainty in the global political landscape, Hungary’s Golden Visa once again emerges as a valuable resource, providing investors with a robust contingency plan. This is particularly noteworthy as the program is anticipated to be accessible to individuals of all nationalities.

To learn more about Hungary’s upcoming Guest Investor Visa, the new process and steps required, contact us today.