Corporate Responsibility

We have developed a model that keeps our corporate consciousness alert in every single act of our global performance. We keep this model alive and diligently improve it. We address the issues of the ever-changing business, and we are committed to its sustainable development. In our pursuit to maintain the highest industry standards and to always be driven by the business ethics, we advocate openness, transparency and confidentiality.

We realize that globalization requires adequate strategies to address all industry issues, and we are determined in our objective to create a platform for open and constructive discussion between all the relevant stakeholders in the investment for citizenship industry – with the ultimate goal of empowering global citizenship. To this end we created the Global Citizen Forum. The first edition was held in September 2013, and proved to be a great success. Find out more about the next editions and how to subscribe at

Along the way we realized that our responsibilities must go beyond as we strive for more than just a mere excellence in what we do. We want to be useful to not only our partners and clients.

This is how the idea to establish a charitable company was born. We are proud to announce that Arton Capital is among the partners of the Global Citizen Foundation. The foundation focuses on the development and implementation of distinctive philanthropy programs with a focus on education and education policy worldwide as well as contribution to the next generation of leaders. Arton Capital is eager to further contribute to social good and has developed a strategy to become more and more involved in the development of a sustainable society. As part of this strategy our team members volunteer in the activity of the Global Citizen Foundation. The company itself is engaging with fundraising activities as well, and commits to matching the donations made to the foundation by Arton Capital’s partners and clients. Become a part of positive future change and join our causes at