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“Broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges.”
– Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

Global Citizenship for Certified Partners

The concept of becoming a global citizen through alternative residency and citizenship has gathered quite a lot of traction in the past ten years, and we expect it to double in the mid term. With this surge in demand, the market needs focused service providers, such as migration consultants, financial and legal advisors, wealth managers, family offices and others, who are at the core of our Certified Partner network.

Global residence and citizenship programs have earned their place in the portfolio of products investment advisors offer to high net worth individuals due to the often priceless return on investment in a variety of instruments. More importantly, global citizenship involves an intricate understanding of the global migration processes, since the decision-making factors are weighted after a multilayered analysis of all benefits and opportunities. To these sophisticated applicants, becoming a global citizen is more than a simple investment transaction, and their trusted advisors must be able to read the complex structure of their personal rationale.

Arton’s commitment

Integrity. This is the single best word to describe our approach to the industry and our relations with our Certified Partners. Over the years Arton has built, and maintains, an extensive network of partners and agents who are certified to promote our products and services. Our partners have around-the-clock, global personalized support from our dedicated relationship managers whose goal is to build long-lasting relationships. We are proud to say that 97 percent of our initial relationships remain true to date.

Benefits of working with Arton

  • Complimentary one-year membership to Quintessentially, the world’s premier concierge service to qualified partners.
  • Program information suite, including information materials, templates and guidelines, as well as regular training sessions and events to enable our partners to stay informed and up to date in the dynamic field of investment immigration. Our partners offer their clients first-class service.
  • Access to a modern, secure, custom-built software platform to manage and follow the status of every client at any given time in the application process.
  • Complete packages of information and promotional materials as well as clear guidance on the different procedures and steps for the most effective service.
  • Complementary access to publications by Arton and available new regulations on the subject of investment immigration.
  • Interactive tools and benchmarks to compare the different products and walk clients through the process.
  • Trusted guidance in the areas of background and financial verification alongside security assessments through our solid partnerships with leading risk intelligence firms.
  • Privileged access to the Global Citizen Forum, the industry’s leading conference designed to educate and promote the benefits of global citizenship.
  • Access to complimentary training seminars hosted around the world.
  • Complementary subscription to Global Citizen magazine, the industry’s leading lifestyle and business publication.

Contact us today to learn how to become a member of the growing global citizenship movement. Become a Certified Partner now.

“Arton’s expertise on the international business level is unique. Not only are they able to demonstrate the best of a country’s investment potential, they also master the specific socio-economic relations in our part of the world to offer extremely relevant advice and guidance to business development while at the same time keep their very strong human touch.”
– Sikander Lalani, CEO, Lalani & Associates, Certified Partner since 2009

About the certification procedure

We are contacted on a daily basis for new partnership opportunities. As a result, we have put in place a qualification procedure to assure a consistent level of high-quality service.

Qualified Certified Partners are issued certificates that are renewed every year following a board review. Contact us for more details and discover how much you can grow your business through Arton’s diversified products and services.